The Għadira Public Car Park was officially inaugurated on the 24th March 2021. This project was inaugurated by Minister for Infrastructure Ian Borg and Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo. Both Ministers reiterated that thanks to this car park, Għadira Bay will become more accessible to thousands of Maltese and tourists who would like to visit this bay during the summer months. Minister Ian Borg said that the area in question was totally abandoned and wasted and that is why Projects Plus took over the land and turned it into a state of the art carpark which will be increasing the touristic value of Għadira Bay.

This project saw the complete transformation of 10,000 meters squared or derelict land into a state of the art public carpark which accomodates 350 vehicles. This project was funded by the Tourism Ministry’s Eco-contribution scheme and it was aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the area, especially during summer months. This carpark includes various facilities such as designated parking spaces for blue badge holders, a storm water drainage system which filtrates rain water before ending up in the sea and which is also used to irrigate more than 750 trees and bushes which have been planted all over the carpark and also in the surroundings to make the area look nicer and greener.