Għadira Carpark

The Għadira carpark was inaugurated on the 24th March 2021. This €800,000 investment saw the complete transformation of 10,000 meters squared of derelict land into a state of the art public carpark which accommodates 360 vehicles. This project was funded by the Tourism Ministry’s Eco-contribution scheme and it was aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the area, especially during summer months. Project Plus remit was to manage this project from inception to completion and handover and managed to deliver this project successfully with the least intervention to 3rd parties. This carpark includes various facilities such as designated parking spaces for blue badge holders, a storm water drainage system which filtrates rain water before ending up in the sea and which is also used to irrigate more than 938 trees and shrubs which have been planted all over the carpark and also in the surroundings to make the area look nicer and greener. Moreover, Infrastructure Malta, asked for the assistance of Projects Plus Ltd in managing the process for the relocation of the existing public toilets to make way for the newly formed road access towards the car park. Projects Plus Ltd through its consultants and internal resources managed to implement this request to the full.

Marsaxlokk Carpark

The Marsaxlokk public carpark was inaugurated on 30th July 2018 and it offers 242 vehicle parking spaces and another 6 motorcycle parking bays The total investment on this project amounts to €1.54 Million. Apart from helping to address the huge parking problem in Marsaxlokk, this project was also very innovative and environmental friendly since it includes an underground water reservoir containing 760m³ of rain water which is being used for irrigation purposes. In addition, underground sleeves were prepared for the future possibility of electric driven vehicles. Adding to this 26,090m³ of excavated material was sieved, recycled and reused as build-up material for the same site. In total 7,160m² of paving blocks were laid.

Other works included:

  • 735mᵌ of CBM laid over the hardcore material
  • 7,160m² Geo Textile material and liquid membrane applied over the CBM as per the PA’s recommendation
  • 420mᵌ of rubble wall constructed within the perimeter of the carpark
  • Construction of the silt and oil/water chambers
  • Demolishing and rebuilding of the dilapidated staircase and incorporating a pump room within
  • Enhancement works carried out next to Marsaxlokk Football Club
  • Planting of 137 trees (52 imported and 85 indigenous)
  • The installment of 18 lighting poles and the relative fixtures

The Marsaxlokk carpark project was part of a more comprehensive regeneration project in this locality and although the Ministry for Tourism was heading the project, PPL were asked to Project Manage and Supervise the project during the Implementation phases In addition, Projects Plus Limited was asked to assist in the compilation, evaluation and management of tenders such as the Irrigation Works Tender. This process was concluded and certified in the first quarter of 2019. Adding to this, Projects Plus Ltd. was requested to offer procurement services to compile technical specifications, for the tender of stainless-steel markers for hawker stalls. This has been carried out, and the tender was published and awarded.

Birżebbuġa Carpark

Projects Plus Ltd were entrusted with Project management services for this 3 million euro multi-story parking, which has three levels and 450 total parking spaces. Projects Plus Ltd also collaborated with Malta Freeport Corporation on the design of the project. Projects Plus’ technical expertise were required to provide significant technical input from its technical team to oversee and manage the project to completion. The carpark was inaugurated in February 2024, and is available to the general public as well as Malta Freeport employees.

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